Sistem Verifikasi dan Validasi Pendataan Daftar Pemilih Tetap Pemilu Berbasis Web di Kecamatan Stabat Dengan Menggunakan Metode User Centred Design (UCD)


  • Dewi Yohana Br Ginting Institut Teknologi dan Bisnis Indonesia (ITB Indonesia), Tandem
  • Nirwan Sinuhaji Institut Teknologi dan Bisnis Indonesia (ITB Indonesia), Tandem
  • Melvarina Tamba Institut Teknologi dan Bisnis Indonesia (ITB Indonesia), Tandem


KPU, DPT, Verification, Website, General Elections


The Regional General Election Commission (KPU) is a committee in charge of holding General Elections (General Elections) and Regional Head Elections (Elections for Regents and Deputy Regents of Langkat). KPU has the authority to collect data on residents who will become potential voters for the General Election. The problem is that the level of validation and accuracy of the DPT made by the KPU and its staff is still carried out semi-computerized using Microsoft Excel and inputted into the Sidalih application (Voter List Data Collection System) for determining the Permanent Voter List (DPT). By using the Verification and Validation System for Data Collection on the Web-Based Permanent Voter List in the General Election in Stabat District, the public can register directly by using the Population Identification Number to become a valid voter in the General Election. In order to get the information system in accordance with the desired expectations, a method is needed to assist in system design. User Centered Design (UCD) is a user-oriented method. This is intended to provide easy information for the General Election Commission (KPU). This study resulted in the design of an information system to verify and validate data on the web-based election permanent election list in Stabat with UCD to capture user needs.