Pemanfaatan Internet Sebagai Sumber Belajar Pada SMU Negeri 2 Pematangsiantar


  • Sundari Retno Andani AMIK Tunas Bangsa, Pematangsiantar
  • Poningsih AMIK Tunas Bangsa, Pematangsiantar


Internet, Learning, Technology, Education, Information


The learning process today is inseparable from the use of technology as a learning resource. The internet as a medium of information that is able to penetrate the boundaries of space and time has a lot of potential that can support a better educational process. The amount of information available can be used as literature to broaden horizons. Utilization of the internet as a learning medium is one component of learning resources and at the same time a form of problem solving learning that can be considered as a new thing. This phenomenon is expected to be a solution to the problems that have occurred so far, such as limited manpower, distance, geographical location, high costs and limited study time.


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